Monday, 11 February 2019

our year six camp of 2019

a couple weeks ago the year sixes set off to there first day of camp at M.E.R.C long bay,first we were assigned to the cars we were going in i was with Sarah and her mum, but sadly Matila was  in our car and she didn't  say that  she  weren't coming cause she was sick! and Vaiola was also supposed to be in our car but she already took off to camp so we were extremely late! anyway when me and Sarah finaly arrived we unpacked our bags and then we got split into groups i was in the sharks with Kayano, Mia, me(Alana), Vincent, Max, Miriam, Riley, Harrison, Rosa. the first activity was archery that day it was sooooo hot, so we were literally dying  😢. after that activity we had our lunch . then our group went abseiling witch was soo fun after that we had afternoon tea, and after that our next activity was Shatackem  most of our group got fifteen milk crates here is a picture of that....

Monday, 10 December 2018

The magical sleepover

Chapter 1

“Hi my name is Alana I am 9 years old I am an international top trained spy so is my best friend Faith, I have a little sister named Jiwoo( I’m telling her that were spies when she's older) and a big brother named jack.

Yes you guessed it I'm the middle child, and I love UNICORNS!!! And my best friend Faith does too, if you don’t know Faith she is 9 years old and she has two annoying little brothers Jacob (he is 5 years old) and Leo ( he is 8 years old ) and they hate unicorns😭 maybe not Jacob but still, they're both really annoying.

Anyway enough chit chat about that, on friday me and Faith are having a sleepover, if you don't know what a sleepover is its is one of the EXTREMELY FUNNEST THINGS IN LIFE!!!!!!!!!!! Even funnier than going to dreamworld with the Rock! (known as Dwayne Johnson) anyway, moving on the reason why im having a sleepover at faith's house is because she thought she saw a hollow room in her bedroom ( and yes remember where spy’s) so of course I need to know. Anyway on with the story when i was at Faith's house i noticed something unusual maybe the fact that we were getting followed, wait a second if were getting followed, that means there's another spy watching us Dun dun duuun!!!!!!!!!!! When I was in high school I meet a girl called lucy, lucy diamond she was one of my best bestest friends but she turned out to be a super villain so I told her I wasn't going to be her friend anymore, then she all of a sudden she chucked her diamonds in the air and disappeared, never to be seen again. Dun dun duuun!!!!!! Ok enough of that, wait why do i still have this font, ok dat better, anyway when I knocked on the hollow spot I heard a BANG and another BANG that was me and lucy’s knock letting us know that it's us, wait a minute does that mean lucy is stuck inside that wall,

to be continued…….

Chapter 2

The next day I woke up hearing another three bangs,

BANG BANG BANG that means she's in DANGER. then I started to carefully chip away at the wall not trying to wake Faiths family up and then a weird looking guy fell through the wall holding, lucy with her neak the guy had a weird looking UNICORN by his side but it wasn't any unicorn it was dark and black and scary, even scarier than a warthog unicorn.

Then the scary weird looking guy pulled me and faith into the secret portal. 

To be continued……,.,..,,.

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

my poem part 2


A is for awesome
L is for ice cream lover
A is for athletic
N is for non stop talking  

A is for always fond of dancing  

Friday, 30 November 2018

being water smart

Have you ever stopped and thought about why we should swim between the flags Well if you haven't here are a few great statements and reasons why you should swim between the red and yellow flags. I believe that you should be more and more accountable Swimming between the bright colored flags.

Reason 1 swimming without a parent

I strongly believe that swimming without a parent Should be banned, Due to the fact of Swimming without a parent Is very dangerous because if no parent is looking after you you could drown or get bitten by a great big shark.

Reason 2

Swimming between the flags.

If you swim between the flags you will be safe and no danger will come to you. But if you don't swim between the flags A lot of danger will come to you one You could get hit by a boat Or you could Drown in the deep blue

Reason 3 Sun safety, as a result of you always wearing sunblock, Sunglasses, and a hat If you don't wear those things you might get sunburnt or you might die from the heat of the sun. x_x


The reason that you and your child should always swim between the flags is that this is the area that is marked out as secure for swimming and is patrolled by lifeguards. ... You should never ever let your child swim alone. They should be supervised by adults the whole time they are at the beach.

Friday, 16 November 2018


Wolves is a book that my group is reading. We had to read each chapter and state the important things/events that occurred during the chapters.
1st chapter
Kaitlin heard multiple howls in the night, she got scared and tried to tell her father but he was asleep. She was so scared. ……
2nd chapter
In the morning they had pancakes soaked in maple syrup and after that her father asked her if she wanted to go on a hike, so they did…….
3rd chapter

On the hike they had they took many photos of the view and then her dad pulled out a mars bar and took some bites of it ……..

Friday, 9 November 2018

my gss cross

I really enjoyed doing this because i coloured it in rainbow and i drew a cute bunny.

my matariki lantern

I really enjoyed doing this and I loved the rainbow background and the seven stars, also the washi tape.